AMACO® Designer Velvet Underglazes

Designer Velvets are semi-translucent underglazes that have the same distinction as the original Velvet Line with one difference: they have small specks in them. When left unglazed, they assume the appearance of velvet or velour with a soft speckle effect.When glazed with AMACO® Transparent Matte or Clear Glazes, they slightly intensify in color. designer Velvet colors can be used on greenware or bisque.

All colors are lead free. Recommended bisque firing range is Cone 04, but Designer Vlevets tolerate a wide firing range with recommended firing temperature being that of the clay used.

DV-3302 DV-3308 DV-3316 DV-3320 DV-3325 DV-3327 DV-3328 DV-3334
Canyon Beige Desert Sun Navaho Pink Indian Crystal Apache Blue Turquoise Stone Fossil Gray Sand Dune
DV-3354 DV-3360 DV-3367 DV-3368 DV-3369 DV-3371 DV-3372 DV-3374
Cactus Green Feather White Tumbleweed Phoenix Ivory Sandstorm Rosy Mauve Desert Grass Painted Desert