AMACO® Matt Glazes

The AMACO® LM Matt Glaze Series is one of the most pleasing for decorative art pottery. These glazes are suitable for glazing pottery shapes formed from all AMACO® dry or moist firing clays. Because AMACO® LM Matt Glazes are nonflowing, they are adaptable for some unique types of decoration.

LM-1 LM-10 LM-11 LM-15 LM-16 LM-20 LM-25 LM-30
Satin Black Transparent Matt Opaque White Dove Gray Elephant Hide Blue Iris Robin Egg Blue Cocoa Brown
LM-32 LM-42 LM-46 LM-50 LM-52 LM-53 LM-54 LM-55
Red Brown Parakeet Green Dark Green Burgundy Pink Orchid Coral Lavender
LM-56 LM-57 LM-58 LM-60 LM-65 LM-66 LM-202 LM-230
Red Fuchsia Purple Daffodil Yellow Butterscotch Orange Gun Metal Brown
LM-231 LM-244
Chestnut Brown Blue Green