AMACO® Textured Alligator Glazes

No two pieces glazed with AMACO® LT Alligator Glazes are ever alike due to the many variations in texture which occur in firing. Variegated matt textures predominate at the lower firing temperatures and gloss textures at the higher with a mingling of matt and gloss between the extremes.

LT-3 LT-12 LT-13 LT-15 LT-16 LT-17 LT-22 LT-24
Crystal Gun Metal Speckled Green Dalmation Speckled Blue Gray Green Stone Liana Gray Tahitian Blue Antique Blue
LT-30 LT-31 LT-32 LT-34 LT-48 LT-113 LT-115 LT-121
Tobacco Brown Cinnamon Sandstone Antique Brown Moss Agate Sand Frosted Jade Light Blue
LT-122 LT-130 LT-132 LT-133 LT-142 LT-144 LT-147 LT-161
Dark Blue Buffalo Brown Jewel Brown Pinkish Brown Antique Green Green Blend Yellow Green Tiger Eye
Mottled Orange