AMACO® Liquid Underglaze Decorating Colors

AMACO® Liquid Underglaze Decorating Colors are supplied in time-saving, ready-to-use form. The concentrated, opaque colors are recommended for covering large areas quickly, easily and smoothly. Results are equally effective when the colors are used for detailed painting, sgraffito decoration, water color effects, free brush painting, wax resists and mishima decoration.

LUG-1 LUG-10 LUG-15 LUG-20 LUG-21 LUG-22 LUG-25 LUG-26
Black White Warm Gray Light Blue Medium Blue Dark Blue Turquoise Aqua
LUG-30 LUG-31 LUG-40 LUG-41 LUG-42 LUG-43 LUG-50 LUG-51
Light Brown Mahogany Brown Chartreuse Irish Green Blue Green Dark Green Pink Rose
LUG-52 LUG-53 LUG-54 LUG-55 LUG-56 LUG-60 LUG-61 LUG-65
Peach Sun Tan Lilac Purple Maroon Light Yellow Bright Yellow Orange